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About Blue and Healing

Posted by cpoole on April 22, 2009

You don’t have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body. ~C.S. Lewis

My mother said to me, If you become a soldier you’ll be a general; if you become a monk you’ll end up as the pope. Instead, I became a painter and wound up as Picasso. -Pablo Picasso

poole-photo-crop-300dpiThere are many resources out there concerning color therapy and using color in healing. Perhaps one of the most asked questions is about healing and how color can help the body speed up the healing process.

Last August when I spoke about the role of color in hypnosis at the International Convention for the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) many in the room referred to green being the color for healing. I have read several books that refer to green for healing. This is a misnomer and green needs to be used sparingly, particularly for viral infections, bacterial infections and cancer. Why? Green promotes growth! It is all about new beginnings and inspires relationships and growth, and growing is the last thing you want a tumor to do.

I believe green has been associated with healing because the scrubs and hospitals have green and are painted in greens. This is not because it promotes healing, it has been misinterpreted. Green was introduced into the surgery/operating rooms to reduce eye fatigue! And therefore has been misinterpreted in the hospital healing arenas by many interior designers. When surgeons operate they see a lot of blood, which is red, and when they would look up there is a green afterimage. This creates fatigue as the eye adjusts, so having green helps the adjustment. Bright white is really tough, as the afterimage can be very prominent. To understand what an afterimage is, stare at a red dot for about a minute intensely and then quickly look up and you will see the after image of green-the complimentary color of red. As a side note, when I was in first or second grade, I could never remember the complimentary colors in art class, so I would stare and look up and “get” the answer! That was when I realized color could communicate! So, it is easy to see where the communication mix-up has taken place.

So, what is the true color of healing? When I see a client with a strong blue in his or hers auric field more specifically around a certain body area, my first question is to ask if there was an injury in that area? If the answer is yes, then I am assured that area/injury is healing. The body will absorb and take on the calming, cooling color of blue and use that energy to regenerate. In a sense it is because the cells are communicating or talking with each other to build up the site energy to its full potential. Blue is the color of communication and opportunity, and I believe it is this cell communication process which helps create healing within our systems. In a sense, gives our body the opportunity to heal. (how do you like the way I worked that one in!)

I would like to talk a little bit about healing and how we can use blue to help ourselves heal or to facilitate another’s healing. You can imagine the person in blue, wrapped in a blue cloud or a blue bubble, particularly if they are learning from something systemic or something inflammatory, like arthritis. You can imagine and “wrap” a specific area in blue, I will do it immediately if I have twisted something, jammed a finger or pulled a muscle. Almost like a wrap or a cast of blue. With my children, particularly when they were toddlers and falling and bumping into things I would always kiss their “boo-boo” and put on a cool towel and imagine blue surrounding the area. Or put my hand over it and imagine my hand glowing blue over their area of hurt. Even many of the “cool packs” for sprains and twists are blue gel, which is great! From a literal sense, I will go even further and say when I put a cool towel over their “boo-boo” guess what color the towel was? Yes, blue.

If you are learning from arthritis, blue sheets on your bed are a wonderful way to help with inflammation and healing at night while you sleep. I have sheets in different colors for different situations in my life and use these as a healing boost while I sleep. Do you have a favorite sheet set? (some of us do but never really think about it in the sense of energy and what your body is asking for to heal or move forward!) So, if you are on a budget, buy sheets or a blanket (or PJ’s) whatever. If you are more inclined, look at the color of your bedroom and consider your color palette and choices. I am fortunate enough to work as a spokesperson with the FreshAire Choice™ Brand paint, which is a no-voc green paint found at Home Depot stores across the country.

If you have a chronic dis-ease, particularly an inflammatory dis-ease, consider the color choices of your bedroom. Again, color is energy and you are energy. Walking into a cooling, soothing environment and sleeping in a cooling, soothing environment can be extremely healing and beneficial to your physical and emotional well-being. BUT, the color itself, not just the characteristics of the colors (ie: blue is soothing, calming ect…) The COLOR allows your body to absorb the healing qualities of that particular hue.

I accepted the position with FreshAire Choice™ because it supports my research and they understand the healing qualities of color, BUT- ALSO, being a no-voc paint, the product supports the outcome, it is all healing.

Businesses which are in the category of healing, communication or provide opportunities to others will do well having blue in some prominent position within their branding. Because the blue will support their ideals as much as attract the correct energy to the company. Environment, again can also play a supporting role to the non-verbal communicative powers of color.

I appreciate all your support and hope you have found this week’s blog on blue helpful and well…HEALING!!! Next week, I will be talking more specifically about healing and share some insights I have received about prayer and sending healing to others.

Blessings to you. Catherine


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Logo Critique: Alchemy and Energy

Posted by cpoole on March 9, 2009

Alchemy and EnergyAfter looking through your website and your logo, I would like to comment on the color choices first, then I will get into the actual mark itself. I also understand the restrictions of the blog templates and budget restrictions, which can limit design–just to let you know I understand and have been there!

First, thank you for trusting me to do this, and again, there is no catch, I am really gathering research to indicate the relationship between a brand and a corporate/company consciousness. I will critique this openly and honestly. I hope you will see that I love my work, and I think it makes a difference to help others.

Ironically, I received an e-mail this week asking about the color teal and what it represented. Looking at the teal color with the word “Alchemy” is interesting as alchemy is associated with transformation, but also the creation of a universal cure for disease. Teal is a color of healing, particularly healing of relationships through healthy communication. So it is an appropriate, supportive use of the color. The warm red of the word “Energy” is also appropriate, as it is a color that emerges from the page and radiates warmth and action. Therefore I would say that your choices of color are appropriate and proactive as far as representing your corporate ideal. In a color sense you are communicating healing through action (one word: responsibility). So that is all good.
Where the logo falls short is in the mark itself. Although the undulating feeling of the script can be comforting, it is not substantial enough to tell me you really are in business. In a sense, it is more of a “hobby vibration” based on the representation. This is not anything terrible, particularly if that is what you want to depict. However, you may have some difficulty attracting clients based on the image you are projecting. I work within the realm of the holistic and spiritual genre as well, and it is a fine line to maintain our spiritual identity and present solid business savvy, so I am well aware of the challenges.
Your logo needs grounded, needs some “umph” and sometimes this can be done through a bolder typeface, or by anchoring it within a particular shape. When I taught design I would always tell my students to compliment an organic shape with a geometric, hard-edged shape. These shapes will work together for each other, rather than two organic shapes (as you have) or two structural hard shapes, because without the contrast you get bored and leave. It is all about relationships and comparing/contrasting. In a sense you have done it with the colors, they are almost (but not quite) complimentary colors, as red and green pop each other in the eye, the teal quiets the soft red, which is good, but it can be stronger if the shapes, the type, also compliment.

Grounding it, or in other words, “giving it some substance” will create a more confident feel for your business. In a sense, you want it to say, “I know my stuff, I am good and I can help you succeed” Your current logo reflects doubt in your abilities; it is a visual “smoke and mirrors” feel and from looking at your site, Jennifer, I would say you KNOW YOUR STUFF. So it is best to grab my attention immediately.

Your logo is your branding and creating the same confidence you have in your site within your logo will just strengthen your presence. Your logo is the weakest part of your package, and it really should be the most substantial. Whether you decide on a more complex template or something simple, you will still want to have your logo a solid representation of who you are.

Blessings, Catherine

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Q & A from the Queen of Color

Posted by cpoole on March 3, 2009

Hey Catherine,
Hope things are well. I had lunch with Christy today and we both had noticed “teal” is starting to show up everywhere. Christy recalled you had said something about it in one of your classes with but couldn’t remember what you had to say about it. So now I’m curious as to what you had to say about it. Geez, I just noticed my Gmail account has a teal color scheme. hmm….

It does not surprise me that teal is becoming prominent now in the current environment. I had lunch with a woman’s group several week’s ago and we all laughed, over half showing up in teal and cobalt blues! What does this say?

Teal is a color of healing, it holds the healing and communicative qualities of blue coupled with the renewal and resurgent qualities of green. Together, blue and green create a wonderful healing color. What does it heal? relationships first and foremost, but also issues with communication, the heart center and the throat center. In a sense it can help you use healing words, so it is a good color for teachers and counselors.

In today’s hostile environment, wrought with fear and financial challenges, use the cool calming color of teal to bring about calm healing. It is a nice color to accent your website or your resume and we often see it within the health field.

Thanks for the great question!

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Understanding Color

Posted by cpoole on September 12, 2008

Color and Energy DVD

Color IS Energy!

Your body knows what colors you need to improve and balance your emotional state. Color is not simply a pleasurable aesthetic experience. Color is energy and our bodies are energy. Color does not solely exist in order to make our world look pretty. Color vibrates, is energy, and it gives us energy and can help with our moods. Color influences each of us physically as well as psychologically and emotionally. Color is associated with specific qualities and certain colors can be used to promote certain abilities.

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To find out more and understand the connection with color, energy and the basis of dis-ease, order my new DVD: Energy Management and Color by Catherine Poole, CH

Every color projects a mood because each color effects certain emotions and certain centers of energy in your body, and also influence certain organs and functions. I taught color theory and human response to color for many years and was a professor at the University of Notre Dame from 1991-2001. I now use my research and knowledge to help clients, doctors and their patients understand color, energy, health and attitude. As a medical intuitive, my work is similar to how a criminal profiler works with police, I help clients understand WHAT their body is communicating and how to listen, understand and heal. Color is a vital factor in the healing process. Color can provide you with energy, healing opportunities and insight into your life.

Red symbolizes raw human emotions therefore sex, drugs and rock & roll! It is unpredictable, intense and can be associated with fear and control. It stimulates the release of adrenaline into the blood stream. Red is associated with all body parts involving solids. Bones, muscles, teeth, and organs dealing with solid waste (large intestine and colon) are all associated with base or red energy.

Red also…• Provides strength, stamina, energy and can indicate one to “stop” and make a choice. •Loosens muscles, relieves joint pain •Aids in reconditioning paralyzed muscles, great for physical therapy. •Helps with circulation • Beneficial to people that chill or catch colds easily

Orange influences areas of your body dealing with fluid/water such as kidneys, lymphatic system, blood, even menstrual flow and reproductive areas. Orange also represents emotions and creativity, promotes a happy outlook, so it helps with issues of sadness.
Bring on the orange when…you need to speed things up •you need to initiate interest in what is going on around you•you need to stop taking yourself too seriously•you are afraid to enjoy yourself (sexually)•you can’t let go of your past (“what if…” or “if I had only…”)*

Yellow represents your sense of self. Yellow influences areas of your body that burn energy, such as stomach, pancreas, small intestine and any organs which deal with metabolizing food. Yellow promotes healthy self-image, and supports ego. Yellow stimulates thinking and supports the quest for knowledge. Bring on the yellow when…there’s confusion or indecision•there is a tendency to SAD in dull weather•dieting•there is nervous exhaustion, “burn out” panic attacks• boost a weak, confused immune system

Many associate the color pink or red with love. However, it is actually green which emanates love. Green represents teaching and relationships. Green assists us in relating to our environment, our relationships with ourselves or others, and with our spiritual source. Green influences areas of your body dealing with air, control and nurturing such as lungs, heart and breasts. I do not encourage wearing a lot of green when healing from cancer, blue is more beneficial, although green holds the self-esteem qualities of yellow and the healing qualities of blue, green can promote growth, so use it in balance, but not extensively. Bring on the green when…you’re feeling restricted•you need change but fear the unknown•there is a need for new ideas•you would like to break habits or patterns•you need balance

The throat center is your center of communication. Truth, loyalty, honesty are all represented by the color blue. Blue influences areas of your body that address communication, such as the throat, ears and even hands. Blue is calming and healing. I often recommend those healing from breast cancer wear blue bras, but also wear a blue stone or necklace which helps enhance the healing process. Bring on the blue when…Blue is the OPTIMUM healing color! When healing, wear blue, envision blue.
•You want to calm agitated, excitable, or chaotic states•You want to communicate clearly•You are looking for peace, detachment, solitude and rest

Violet is the color of intuition and integration of ideas. It is associated with eyes and your sinuses. It combines the healing, calming qualities of blue and the energy of red, therefore it helps in balancing your life. Bring on the violet when…•You want to speed up natural healing of the body
•You want to calm hyperactivity or energize lethargy or depression•You want to remove obstacles from your life•You want to stimulate your imagination in positive ways

Indigo holds more healing qualities of blue, whereas violet has a tendency toward red. Bring on the indigo when…A need to focus on personal issues, beliefs and ideas•A need to cool and quiet normal mental processes•A need to relieve physical, mental and emotional pain•A need for temporary relief of everyday •A need for space and solitude

White is all colors and when added to create pastels, white brings a sense of calming. The addition of white promotes a “higher” quality of the color from which it originates. Pink, for example is nurturing and spiritual because it takes the passion and energy of red and calms it down to the nurturing qualities of pink.

Black is what I refer to as a magnifier. Those trying to intimidate by wearing all black are really communicating they need direction! Black magnifies any adjacent color Black absorbs color and is easily influenced. If you need benefits of a color but do not want to be decked out in red or yellow, wear black and accent with the color you feel you need. Let black do the work for you and take the color healing and color energy to the place on your body that needs it most! This can be done with jewelry, a scarf, a belt or a shirt or sweater.

Accenting with a color can bring in a mood or certain direction into your life. If you are depressed, buy an orange mouse pad or placemats. Drink from a green coffee mug if you do not like who you are at the moment! (“I love me” is a great corresponding affirmation with green.) You can change the entire energy of a room by painting a corresponding stripe on the wall or changing the throw rugs or accent pillows. It does not have to be a complete renovation. But again ask yourself what you need to bring into your life and work with the corresponding color. What was going on in your life when you decided to paint your bedroom?, bought a new shirts? or introduced a new color in your life? You can better understand what is happening and what energy you need by comparing color to what is occurring in their life. Chances are you need the energy of that color to help you heal and move forward.

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